As a professional enterprise software company, we specialises in developing fully functional technical solution at great price in a short time frame. Our portfolio consists of many highly successful products, including but not limited to A8 Video Player, ACI, QPython, QLua and GoSpark.

Our company was founded by 2 industry veterans with fullstack experience from China's best internet companies. Together with more than 20 engineers, we are ready to fulfill your technical need at competitive price. Please contact us at for business propositions.

Chifeng, CEO

16 years’ experience in technology company. Chifeng worked as a principal product manager at Alibaba, Platform, Zhilian, Sina.

Hecun, CTO

15 years’ experience in technology company. Hecun worked as a senior developer at Baidu, NSFOCUS, Sina before. He is good at kinds of programming and data anylise, and love all new technologies. Besides, He is the author of QPython.